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book cover for collection of Poetry by RA Argue called Firewithin

O Why O Why

The banging from the weapons echoed in the valley
The smell of gunpowder consumed the air
People were dying all around
Crying could be heard from everywhere
Looking down I see a man
Looking closer, I see that it was I
O why, O why did I have to die?
For this war made no sense in our minds or in our souls
Disputes between leaders was its cause
Now, I lay on the ground
Too young I am to lose my life
All the experiences that I have had, have been too few
O why, O why did I have to die?

cc 1999 RAA

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Around the period of 2004 right up to 2006, Angus began to look into events of North American and World History, where he started to compile a few different articles about the information that he discovered. Below is just one example of these works that Angus had compiled:


On Feb. 15 2005, Angus (birth name of Reginald Angus Argue) won for best written political article for December 2004 in Quietploy INC. The name of the article is " Protecting Rights And Freedoms"

Benjamin Franklin had once said, "They that can give up essential Liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty or safety."

Our modern Western society has lost many of its cherished democratic rights and freedoms. Now, we awake to a new time, where a situation that was similar to the burning of the German parliament buildings in the 1930s that had destroyed democracy in Germany, has now been permitted to take place within our own society. Yet, before many of the people in North America were able to pull from past history lessons and apply them to our time, modern day oppressive laws, which were allegedly meant to protect North Americans under the guise of national security were enforced upon the populace. Instantaneously, people of North America were turned into a modern day East Germans, while democratic Constitutions were largely ignored. (click here to read more)

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