Articles written
by RA Argue (pen name Angus McLeod)

Throughout the years, Angus has built up a collection of different articles and Political Commentary that he has written, both under his birth name of Reginald Angus Argue and under his pen name of Angus McLeod (his late Grandfather's name.) Angus has repeatedly chosen to research and write about controversial, hard hitting subjects, which bring to light many political injustices that a few have been able to get away with in the past. It is Angus' hope that people may be able to learn from the lessons of the past, and make sure that the mistakes of the past are not permitted to rule our future.



Lost Of The English Rose (written By Angus McLeod)

August 31, 1997 will be a date that will forever be embedded into many of our lives, as the world seemed to briefly hold its breath, while a rose slipped from our grip. Yet, with the examination of this shocking car crash, which took the English Rose from our midst, more questions than answers have appeared. (click here)

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Illusion Of War (written by Angus McLeod)

What has the world truly learned since P.F. Sloan wrote the song, “Eve Of Destruction” that Barry McGuire had performed, and it was a billboard hit in 1965?

Looking into our times, a few Political Extremists from the Corporate War Machine have been beating their chests, while this group of Warmonger appears to be planning to carryout Military action against another Middle Eastern Nation, Iran. (click here)

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Benjamin Franklin had once said, "They that can give up essential Liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty or safety."

Our modern Western society has lost many of its cherished democratic rights and freedoms. Now, we awake to a new time where a situation that was similar to the burning of the German parliament buildings in the 1930s that had destroyed democracy in Germany, has now been permitted to take place within our own society. Yet, before many of the people in North America were able to pull from past history lessons and apply them to our time, modern day oppressive laws, which were allegedly meant to protect North Americans under the guise of national security were enforced upon the populace. Instantaneously, people of North America were turned into a modern day East Germans, while democratic Constitutions were largely ignored. (click here)

The secrets of our future are laid within our past. If we as a society cannot learn from the mistakes of yesteryear, then we are doomed to repeat it.

There are countries throughout the world that appear to be a caring and compassionate. Underneath these perceptions also include darker sides of their histories that must not be forgotten. There are people in such countries who want a part of history to remain buried. Why would a few wish to bury the secrets in Canada’s past? In order to understand the question, let us first take a brief search into one era that has been forgotten about my many within society for over eighty years. (click here)

Erasmus Darwin once stated, "He who allows oppression shares in the crime."
The danger of permitting fundamentalist religions or corporations from getting away with past crimes of suppression or inflict their own personal beliefs again upon the Aboriginal people have riddled Canadian history. From these enormous miscarriages of justice there have been an environments created in which a gigantic void has been allowed to silence so many of these once proud and independent people. (click here)

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THE INJUSTICES OF PAST AND PRESENT (part one building up to Ipperwash incident)

Tommy Douglas once said, "Man can now fly in the air like a bird, swim under the ocean like a fish, he can burrow into the ground like a mole. Now if only he could walk the earth like a man, this would be paradise."

Yet, in order to reach the paradise to which this man spoke of, first we must confront mistakes of our past.

Past Hatred Does Blind

Over 60 ago in lands far way, young men and women fought to defend the ideas of democracy and freedom. In battlefields that were forever holders of fallen youth and stained in the color of blood, these brave people stood up against the darkness of unjust ideology. Yet, as the years have passed on by, this darkness has been permitted to reform itself in the backdoor of Canadian politics. For almost the last 20 years, this dark oppressive philosophy did not recognize the rights or freedoms of others, being like a cancer slowly festering and growing in the shadows. The rebirth of this political perspective has serious distress on the rights of the people and the nation. (click here)

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ABUSES OF POWER AND INFLUENCE (part two the tragic death of an unarmed Native American protestor by a police sniper)

In 1942, with the war being waged over in Europe and the Pacific, there was sediment raised to establish an advance infantry-training base in Canada. Many areas were looked into, which could have fit the requirement. Due to the location of Stoney Point Band’s land in accordance with Lake Huron, and the fact that land acquire from Aboriginal was drastically cheaper (as proven above) it made it ideal for a military training base. At first, Government bureaucrats decided to follow the Indian act, as the Stoney Point Band members were permitted to vote on the land surrender. However, “the outcome of this vote was 72 votes were cast that evening out of the 83 voting members in the Band. The final tally was 59 votes against and 13 votes for surrender. The government proposal was soundly defeated.” (See

Yet, this democratic defeat by the people of Stoney Point was not the last ever heard of this proposal. For even after the Stoney Point Band had voted not to surrender the land, “by Order in Council P.C. 2652, the Governor in Council approved the purchase offer that had already been offered to the Band by DND. The requirements contained therein had all been met, but of course the Band had rejected the offer that this belated legislation authorized. P.C. 2652 was accepted without comment by Cabinet; this suggests that the initiative for the appropriation resided entirely with the bureaucracy rather than at the elected, political level of government. (click here)

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Where have all of our rights gone

Where have all of our rights gone? Up in smoke almost everyone. Now, as each day comes and goes by another step is taken towards the total oppression of everyone's civil rights that are guaranteed under the ideas of democracy.

Yet, we can stop what is almost here, if we only look to the past for our lessons and face what is directly in front of us. For, if you look to the dark cold days, when Hitler first came into power. In Hitler’s first election, he was only able to obtain a third of the German Population under his control. Then in a span of 18 month Hitler was able to stir up the hatred and distrust for the communists, socialists, the Jewish and other people who were viewed in Germany at that time as being the less desirables. While this hatred and distrust had overtaken Germany, Hitler was able to grasp a tight hold of the German people by having his people set the German Parliament building on fire. Hitler then blamed the socialists, and communists for this fire, which allowed him to ban these parties from the German federal election. However, once the federal election was carried out, Hitler still did not have over 50%, his party was only able to gain 43.7% of the vote. So to acquire total power, Hitler formed a coalition government with the National Party in Germany, which had 8 % of the vote. (click here)

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The Health Care System and the Canadian Supreme Court Jesters.

June 11th 2005 by Angus McLeod

Recently a court system decision in Canada, went against the ideas of universal health care. Now whether you are for or against public health care, the decision by this court system directly violates the rules of democracy. For, only the people should have the right to decide on this particular decision.

Only the people should have the right to decided, on whether their tax paying dollars should go to medical care for all, or only a few who can afford it. Only the people should have the right to decide, on what pathway they wish their nation to travel, whether it be respecting the health of all people, or just a few. (click here)

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Canadian System and what it mean's to the people

June 6th 2005 by Angus McLeod

With the darkness of our current political system in Canada, a few are being compelled to be the conscience of the people, as we are willing to step up and defend the rights of all. In order to protect the future, we all must work together to correct the past and present political injustices.

There are still a few federal politicians, who would rather see Canada in utter chaos, and have openly gone against the beliefs of freedom. These people have turned away from their own words and ethics, to aspire to attain power.
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The Terri Schiavo case has been filled with many unexpected twist and turns. The further that people search, the darker it seems to become. (click here)

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